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Evening Keynote

Russell J. Skiba, Ph.D. is Professor in Counselling and Educational Psychology at Indiana University in the United States. He has worked with schools across the USA, directed numerous federal and state research grants, and has published extensively in the areas of school violence, school discipline and classroom management, zero tolerance and equity in education.

He was a member and the lead author of the American Psychological Association's Task Force on Zero Tolerance and was awarded the Push for Excellence Award by the Rainbow Coalition/Operation PUSH for his work on African American disproportionality in school suspension.

His work has been cited in numerous national media sources, including USA Today, Time Magazine, the Wall Street Journal, and Nightline, and he has testified before the United States Civil Rights Commission and both Houses of the U.S. Congress on issues of school discipline and school violence.

He is currently director of the Equity Project, a consortium of research projects offering evidence-based information to educators and policy makers on equity in special education and school discipline. His research has had significant international impact with researchers in the UK, Canada, Israel and Australia – just to name a few – using his work to identify racial disparities and to inform school discipline policy development in their own countries.

In this evening keynote lecture, Professor Skiba will discuss what he has learned from many years of research investigating the effects of different approaches to classroom management and school discipline policy in the United States.

The Summit evening keynote address will be followed by a reception sponsored by QUT’s Vice Chancellor, Professor Peter Coaldrake.